Advance Team

A rather distracted young man I met near a live oak, made me privy to his eponymous idea which he called, "The Crudwattle Theory," which claims that Karl Marx and Johannas Brahms were actually Siamese twins accidentally separated at birth.  I noted to him the clear impossibility of such a proposal, based on incontrovertible evidence regarding their different birth dates, and natal origins.  Monsieur Crudwattle admitted to knowing all of this, and agreeing to its validity, but clung on by stating that in spite of “all that” it was the only theory he had.



How may we be assured of fairness, when some men become dishonorable only at the hands of the honorable.



“A man who knows how to correctly compare things can learn the extraordinary.”  “That sounds simple enough.”  “In that case, you didn’t exactly hear me; it’s not a matter of a man correctly comparing two particular things, but a matter of knowing what thing TO correctly compare.”



You might care to make a note of the fact that gods you get from a books can’t be returned.



The alien ship landed right downtown, the visitors alighted and loudly announced, “Greetings, poor creatures, we are allegories here working as advance men for metaphors.”