Funny Shoes

According to reports, there’s a guy in a flashy suit with neon shoes hanging around in the park, who approaches people with children, and after a few perfunctory pats on the head asks, “How many miles you got on this kid?”  (The reports go on to note that some parents want this stopped, while others want more details regarding possible trade-ins.)



A man
with funny shoes
doesn’t care
where he walks.



It’s been reported that one Neural Subversive said that to finally “do this,” you’ve almost got to be an environment unto yourself.



If you’re
coming and going,
it doesn’t MATTER
whether you’re
coming, or going.



One sore head’s kid was admonished by a neighbor regarding his crude speech and behavior thusly, “Being considerate of other people’s feelings doesn’t cost you anything you know.”  And the lad retorted, “Say what?”  “That’s right, a little courtesy doesn’t cost you anything.”  The kid retired himself to a seat under a nearby tree and thought, “You know, if that old geezer is right, I’ll have to rethink my whole fuckin’ concept of mathematics.”