Precious Birds

Conversation overheard in a local library:

“Hey, listen to this quote, ‘The critic who first praises a book is second only to its author, honor and merit.’”  They both enjoyed some snorts and chortles, and one said, “What bricklayer you reckon wrote that.”



The president-elect of this one planet secured his victory by making the same speech at every corner of his world; he would mount the platform, look around intently at all assembled, then shrug and declare, “We’re ALL precious birds in a gilded cage.”



Sorehead Quote Of The Week:

Guy says, “When I was a younger man, I seriously tried to like those who disagreed with me, but now that I am no longer a child, I have not the time for foolish experiments.”



On this one, somewhat cautious, little world, they give “X ratings” and in some cases even prohibit movies that show full frontal intelligence.



One neural émigré asks of man, “If it is better to be ‘safe than sorry,’ would it then not be better to be dead than alive?”  (Can’t foreigners be downright disruptive.)