The Top 40

“Father, I have come to a conclusion – rituals are for children.”  And the padre beamed, “Well, what a real little thinker you’ve become, but if you’re correct, then it would naturally follow that the playground has become the classroom, and that creation is for the nippers.”  (The old man chuckled at this idea, and the kid said, “So?”)



In this part of the solar system, men’s brains are programmed to only play the Top 40.



One galactic gadfly says that his many travels and extensive studies have led him to the conclusion that the ill defined though actual purpose of poets is to try to verbally conjure up future torments, and other world horrors worse than being alive right now.



The operations of most systems are not dependent on their needs. Collusive Corollary:  A relative relationship visible between systems is not very relative.



And now for the final question of this round: Which is more important, that which you say is more important, or that which is?