The Impotent Climax

I ran across this one free-lancer over on that rambling planet who, for thirty kopeks, will “prove you are happy”…(for an additional two pesos, he’ll prove the same regarding himself.)



He finished their conversation by telling the few still standing around the burning table, “Why yes, there are blueprints, but your problem will be that they are as alive as the structures they represent.”



In man’s day-to-day, non-primary affairs, there are moments of almost total frustration which have evaded analysis; let me get the game started by throwing out the first curve: I’ll name the phenomena for you…let’s call it, “The Impotent Climax.”  (This could update an old adage so that it would read thusly, “There’s no rest for the secondary.”)



More Things You Might Remember, (If You’re Only Having A Few, or You’re The Day’s Designated Thinker):  Information, even “facts,” don’t really change things; they just re-name them.



In the often overlooked words of one forgotten philosopher:
“Many things mean many things to many people.”