Neural Home-Ownership

The inevitable response to a stabbing is to bleed; the proper response to a fear of stabbing is a subversive brain smile.



(Another example of the frustrations of neural-home-ownership), Answer the following:

Which of these statements is the correct one?  “The basement’s flooded – quick, call a plumber," or, “Whoa, the basement’s flooded – call the roofers.”  (On many planets mental-rental has become the way to go.)



Those who will believe that “man is a sham of his former self,” should, (as they will), speak for themselves.



One fine day the old man took the kid aside and said, “You have long been asking me what life means to man, and now’s as good a time for me to respond as will be next Friday, so listen up:  Human life is…life is either a test, or a punishment…oh, add, a laboratory.  Life is either a test, a punishment, or a laboratory…yeah…well, you could add to that that it’s also possibly an opportunity…an opportunity, or a joke…Now we’ve got it.  Life is either a test, a punishment, a laboratory, an opportunity, or a joke…yeah but it could also be a sport, so add sport to the list, and that’ll about wrap it up, (except to add that it could also be either irrelevant or unfathomable)…Ah, forget it kid, run on out and play.”



Can there be strength without energy?