The New Madness

There are several known and willing names to describe eras of human activities, such as, the classical, romantic, neo-classical and modern, but there is another lesser know that’s always available, the New Madness.



The terminal
is a Timex.



There’s this little planet where the creatures think that the cutest thing about themselves IS themselves.



An absolute, Unconditional, Indubitable Universal Truth:

Nothing is as far away as some people think.
Corollary, Absolute, Unconditional, blah, blah Truth, etc:
Nothing is as near as some people think.

(Do note, as always how it all still “works out.”)



Several of the elders, so as to stay in touch, left this message in the nippers’ latrine: “A Philistine with a rubber band can do you more harm than good.”