Two Realities

There are two realities, the verbal, and the other one…and the atmosphere and light is such on some planets that they appear to be twins…you can, of course, tell the difference by asking them…that’s it – SPEAK RIGHT UP!



If you really insist on stopping at every “bad accident,” and getting down on your knees, and getting up real close, you’re gonna always see you in the back seat.



A snatch of an overheard conversation somewhere:

“Only a fool would say that.”

(Second voice):  “Only a fool would HAVE to.”



One guy said he liked to go back and “cover his tracks,” and his brother asked, “Why?” and he said, “I don’t know,” which is a prime example of that operation in action.



To help place the proper ritualistic emphasis on the occasion, this one chap invited all of his old friends to watch him burn all of his old love letters, except he didn’t have any old friends, or love letters…(Other than that, the day went famously well.)