What Good is a Disguise to a Zebra

If we’re past Wednesday, and/or, you missed your stop, just ask yourself:  What good is a disguise to a zebra?



Every truth has its parallel, and every parallel has its right angle, and every right angle has a one-eyed card of validity up its own sleeve.  Now, dammit – deal ‘em!



On this one world, they erected a gigantic sign, visible for millions of miles, that reads: “Words Are Not Adequate.”  On a sister planet in the same system, they’ve set up their own celestial billboard which says:  “Words Are Totally Adequate.”  (Sometimes I visit one of the places, sometimes the other.)



Whatever would happen, this one little kid would always say, “Life put me up to it.”  He said this so many times that his father suddenly believed him.



Over at this one place I sometimes visit, at a very official looking function, a very official seeming fellow stood, and in a very “you-know-what” sounding voice proposed, “Let us re-write our language so as to better reflect our continuing state of ignorance.”  (He was applauded and beaten roundly, officially speaking, that is.)