The Impossibility Factor

In spite of what I’ve said, and of what you thought I said, (and any workable combination thereof) don’t forget, there IS such a thing as the “Impossibility Factor”…Don’t forget that…(don’t bother to remember it either).



A better view would be for you, as an entry point postulate, to take it to be that:
Effects are local,
Causes, universal.



While staying at someone else’s house at another locale, I found this note in their mailbox: “There is some hope for a man who cannot read his own handwriting; what exactly that hope is has yet to be defined.”



If you can get “free of the momen,t” you can find bargains everywhere.



Never underestimate the opposite of what you’re estimating.  (You might care to note that on some planets they tend to forget to estimate the opposite at…I’m telling you, there’s some weird places in this universe; [by weird I mean like flies living in the stomachs of elephants].)