In the neural classroom, is it the student who will reform the teacher, or shall it be the other end of the stick?



In the ready arts, men have comedy to show the folly of life, and tragedy to show the uncertainty, but there must be subversive, third possibility…what might it be…what might it be called…should one look to his typewriter, or to his shoe leather?



One of the newer members I met at the last Ole Sorehead’s Conclave told a group of us standing around in the hall the preceding – I mean of course, the following: “I hear tell of some people saying they want to ‘feel better about themselves,’ and others saying they just ‘want to feel better,’ and I say if they can tell the difference, they never will.”



Is change most enchantingly executed when it is done through movement in time, or in space?



I would not be all that surprised to find that by now some of you doubt the whole validity of my travel tales, but here is one more that I assure you is as right as the fins on a Cadillac:  There’s a small planet, not too far from where you stand, whose creatures' best and brightest say that, “Nothing’s believed till it’s said.”  (I ask you – could I make up something like this?)


I leave you with this:  One of my relatives once described this kinda suff as, "trying to make alligators out of hand bags."