Silly Rabbit

The first shot’s
always the loudest.



This one fellow attempted to describe the unusual expansion of his own intellect by calling the process:  “The Potemkinizing of His Own Neural Aborigines.”  (I say “attempted – he damn near succeeded.)



Regarding the perpetual question of, “Do you want me to come to your place or do you want to come to mine?” this one chap says his ideal universe will be one wherein the answer is always “Come on over here and we’ll discuss it.”



While this one guy, (with a better publicist), is remembered for saying, “Rituals are myths in action,” and his less known brother has said, “No, rituals are ignorance animated.”  (And moreover as their mother used to say, “P.R. means a lot when you ain’t GOT a lot.")



In a growing number of areas in this one galaxy the operative synonym for “attractive” is “silly.”