The difference between a masked, professional wrestler, and a tenured intellectual, is a lot messier than you would wanna hear about before dinner.


Growth is the only justification growth ever needs.


One ole sore head called the kid aside and told him, “Look, before you go and get too smug about our position relative to the rest of those bozos, I should point out that here in everyday life EVERYone’s brain is on auto pilot.”  (Not long after that one of the kid’s uncles contacted me and insisted he be given his own news space or at least some space here for him to tell the kid that it’s impossible to be “TOO smug.”



The intellectual health of the City depends on continued thievery.



While enjoying a cup of something hot, over in that little diner near the museum, a fellow on the adjourning stool remarked that the “True stigma”, (he quickly corrected himself), “I mean the true sign of being civilized is to resist kicking an economist when he’s down."