After hearing someone say that, “The mind trying to examine itself is like a very tall person standing on a chair to make combing their hair easier.”  And this one dude said, “So – where else would he stand?”



On three sister satellites over in the laterally temperate sector I witnessed the following:
On the first world, the people who oftimes cry out, “Stand back, here come the gods and they’re hungry.”  And on the second orb, this shout was periodically heard, “Make way – the gods are horny.”  And on the third little planet, which seemed to promise the most, and threaten great reversals, you could sometimes hear the locals saying amongst themselves, “You better watch it, the gods are curious again.”



There are those who cry over beauty,
and those who cry over tragedy.
(Oh yeah, and there are some others too.)



In his wine, the most just ruler can become dangerous.  But who cares about the drinking habits of a tyrant – the worst is already known.