Need and Beauty

A man with a card that said, “Free Lance Social Commentator,” standing beside me at a corner across town where a sewer was backing up, proposed to me, “Tis' a sad life we lead when the most excitement many people ever have is being sick.”  (At least I hear the condition of the sewer eventually improved.)



The beauty
of things
as our need
for them



Over on a playground, I saw this chap with a steely look in one eye, and more of a carbon gaze in the other, talking to a group of children, and the part I overheard was this, “…and since men do not know the purpose of life they imagine-up gods, and they further imagine-up that the gods tell them what the purpose is, and that’s the way that little bagatelle is played.”  (Several of the nippers appeared a bit upset so the gent passed out some imaginary candy.)



Muse:  In a 3-D world, space has no room to move around, and time seems always out of sinc.



Message left on a bathroom wall for out-of-towners:  “Just remember; things are not as bad as you think or else you wouldn’t be here.”  (May we assume somewhere is a scribe flushed with pride.)