No Need to Call Ahead

At a “cast party” after opening night in one small galaxy, I fell into conversation with a bushy moustache, with a tall man, who confided to me that he was some sort of “self driven, private detective about to crack the biggest mystery in and of all creation,” and when asked exactly what that was, he, (the moustache, not the man), smiled – no, leered, and replied, “Ahhh, but that would be telling now wouldn’t it?”  (I have observed that in certain parts of this universe some parties that end too quickly didn’t start soon enough to begin with.)



On another bright little burgeoning planet, I found a new local religion the creatures were using, that went by the surprising name of, “No Need To Call Ahead”.



In one future, a dining companion noted to me, “In much earlier times, it was aid that, ‘An erudite fool is a greater fool than an ignorant fool.'”  (He ate a bite and then continued), “Then in more recent times, someone said that, ‘An erudite fool is a greater danger than an ignorant one,’” but I think our modern technology has reached the point where this should be again updated.”  (He sipped up his wine glass, and concluded), “We could now say, “An erudite fool is more wearisome than a routine one.'”  And with that, he paid his bill and took a nap.



If what ordinary men call the “gods,” did answer what ordinary men call “prayers,” then ordinary men would no longer be ordinary, in that local time would have been thrown into reverse, and their own genetic ancestors plunged into a state of inoperative chaos.



The only way to “know for sure” you’re in the Revolution, is to be in the Revolution.