Since Life has failed to mention it on your Dance Card, you might care to make an individual note of the fact that She has, for Her dominate forward dancers, and more submissive ones who glide backwards, provided two different schemes of morality.



Over on that little “secret” planet I’ve mentioned to you before, where I sometimes stop and refresh myself at Plato’s Bistro And Bar, a fellow on the next stool to me, after a few of his own forms of “refreshments,” intoned with a certain manual flourish, “What need have I of books, and universities, my opponents are my own beloved instructors.”



A Poem:

Every dog has its day,
Every woman has her way,
But every man who merely thinks,
Well…I’ll have to get back with you on this line…



At exactly seven and a half minutes before legal sundown, one bright kid asked his fading father, “If just thinking about something won’t make it so, will something being so make you think about it?”  And along with that fiery orb, the old man sank.



One subversive I met told me he had a motto, one he had gotten from Life Itself, it goes: “Everything, everywhere, at all times, is exactly as it should be…almost.”