Another Brother

One way in which the Revolution assures its perpetuation is that ordinary folk don’t even know what’s going on.



Advice from one guy that seems to have plenty, (I just pass ‘em along, no comment, and no guarantee), anyhow, his for the day goes like this, “Forget,” he begins, “Forget all about notions like ‘cosmic doubles; guardian angels, or imaginary playmates,’ - latch onto something really important you dig, like this – there’s a ‘hit man’ on everybody’s tail.”



In the attempt not only to give him some good, hard, healthy and practical directions, but some that carried a deep metaphorical one as well, a father told his son, “Those who serve the wine never themselves indulge.”  And the kid replied, “Are you nuts, every bartender I ever met drinks like a horse.”  And with pathetic shock and disbelief the old timer screamed, “Are you serious?”



By the time anything becomes a part of man’s vernacular, it is already in a state of decline.



The first brother said, “It’s hard to believe,” and the second one replied, “Yeah, but it’s even harder not to believe it.”  And the first brother asked, “What can we do?” and the second one said, “Invent another brother.”