All Evil is Local

Just “acting” civil is like applying for credit.



All evil
is a local



One guy turned to his neural partner and said, “If you show me yours, I’ll show you mind.”  And that other part replied, “Hell, you say that just because you ain’t got one to show.”



After lo, these thousands of years that men have been repeating, rephrasing, and reshaping the notion that, “Never was, nor is, nor ever will be a faultless work a man can see," after all this time, has it never, ever occurred to anyone to get men’s eyes checked?



Culture is bricks.



Over in another little cosmic bar, one of the full-throated regulars, several times a night, would hoist high his glass, and toast all assembled by proclaiming, “To the wine, which righteously loosens the tongue!”  And one night, one guy in the corner finally thought, “From what?”