A woman, sitting in a sack over in the knolly area of the park, looked off somewhere just past my right ear, and said, “If it wasn’t for failure, you know, I wouldn’t have any fun in life.”



“Remember Son, it’s just a hobby.”
“What, Dad?”
“That’s right, Son.”



One fellow standing off to the side wondered, “What’s a Revolutionist like in his spare time?”  And a nearby rebel thought, “Real Revolutionists don’t have spare time.”



As one scouting party discovered: Inside every carousel is a miniature merry-go-round. 
(For those with hungry eyes, I might further note that along other lines, once you approach the end of the Systems Chain you do not come to the final, smallest system, but rather you rediscover all of the system over again…sort of.)



The Revolution is not to finalize local activities, but to perpetuate universal ones.



One other little guy who liked to ponder things, after hearing the up-to-the-minute, systems based, computer-age term, “the information loop,” reflected on it for a while, looking backwards, then considering man’s current intellectual achievements, and after some serious chewing, mumbled the following; “It’d be better called ‘the information loop de loop.”