What Comes Next?

Information doesn’t exist apart from a retrieval instrument.



Even after you suspect, “what comes next” – THEN – What comes nest?



This speech writer asked me how come the same line spoken by the King sounds better than it does delivered by a Duke?  “How come,” he asks, “How come?”  (Do you have an answer for him?)



Something that’s
correct by comparison
is not yet correct.



The first son declared, “What we know is all we’ll ever know,” and the second one replied, “Nay, may I disagree, and say that we do not yet even know all that we do know.”  And they both turned to number three son for a deciding judgment, but he was already scratching his little chin, and tolling his eyes about, and said, “Ahhh, I don’t know, we oughta' ask the old man.”  And the second son said, “Save your sweat, it’s a waste of time; if the old man knew, we wouldn’t be sitting her wondering.”



The Revolutionist should die at night.