In matters secondaire, putting the blame “where it belongs” can only profit those not at all involved.



He who says he will, may or may not;
He who says he won’t, is subject to the same possibilities;
But about he who says nothing, what can be said?
Hey, what can I tell you.



Almost everything worthwhile to a Revolutionist should be…almost effortless.



One Diabolical Duo had this little game they would play; the elder would ask the kid a question, and if the lad couldn’t answer, the ole man would kill him.  Well, one day the dialectic dance went like this, “Okay son, what is more plentiful than thought?”  And the scion replied, “Conflicting thought.”  (Later that hour their mother told them it was time to change the stakes of the contest…For a Real Revolutionist that time is always NOW.)



If you care enough
to say you don’t care,
you still care too much.