The Muncie Theorem

I once met this guy who would take things he had to do, and do them at times other than when they actually had to be done, and on the other hand, (as you might suspect), he would take things he didn’t actually “have to do,” and not do them.



Real pilots
fly nude.



So’s not to waste any time, one push-ahead-father told his newly born son on the day he was delivered, “Kid, if you’ve got a past, you ain’t a Revolutionist.”



This guy told his cousin, who had just arrived from another planet, “Whenever they’re yackin’ at you and you’re stuck for a reply, just tell ‘em – ‘See my agent, see my agent.’”  And the émigré sez that he doesn’t have an agent, and the guy replies, “That’s what you think.”



While out of touch at yet another of those…those conventions, (don’t any of you wonder how I get invited to so many of these conclaves?)  Anyhow, in some of the side rooms some of us were treated to a presentation of the Muncie Theorem which states that, “If one theorem will do, Life will give you two.”  (Professor Muncie says he has a second one also, but that he prefers to save it for next year.)