Cartograhical Impossibilities

Over in this somewhat circular, cellular state, there was a man who was “well respected,” and he one day admitted that he did not know why this was so, and then he was respected even more.



If you have relatives who won’t talk to you, rest easy – they’re not really relatives.



A short scene from the larger drama of, “Reason and Logic Are Alive and Well, Their Verbal Worth I Cannot Tell: 

As we join the action, a first actor speaks, “You cannot have a vacation until you have a job.”  And a second player responds, “But if you did not have a job, you would not need a vacation.”  And now we see the first actor think on this for a moment, then for an hour, then for a day, until he finally returns to the stage and says to his companion, “I now have a response to your last comment, it does, however, require that I first kill you.”



Cartographical impossibilities are often just the ticket for the Revolutionist.



Our final figure in today's News is a gentleman who sends word that he will be able to recognize a truly “advanced civilization” when he finds one that has replaced the word “ironic” with the word “inevitable.”