The Normal Brain is No Loyal Friend

Those who criticize the past are deaf to the past, and those who fear the future cannot see the future.



I know of this certain, foreign universe, subject to the general weight of creation with sentient creatures, whose “family tradition” continually dies, yet perpetually survives.



The normal brain is no loyal friend, save to its own silent ancestors.



The mostly unknown, (though largely allegorical), Famous Titanium Triplets were one day discussing their individual views of man’s most beneficial technological milepost in the long march to progress, and the first one said, “Without any doubt, it is the general development of the field of electronics.”  And the second one added, “Why be hesitant, more specifically, I would say, would be the invention of television.”  And the third one countered, “Ah, brilliant choice, but I would refine it to the ultimate development of color television.”  And the fourth one finessed by saying, “Nope, ‘tis the volume control."



The more simple and the more complex, are the two least mechanically inclined to tell you “what kinda guy they are.”  (Although this should be of no practical use to you personally, it is noteworthy.)