Making Sense

When fording the boundaries of prejudice, be sure and roll your knickers up.



Though it is not taught at this level, there is an area of learning best called, “The Mathematics Of History, which could be useful for a keen, neat and subversive student-of-the-strident, for a for instance apply your little brain maggots to this:  Your founding fathers did not found anything, but were themselves found thereby.”



After reading, or hearing again the line, “Life is as tedious as a twice told tale,” this one out of towner thought, “Is it just me, or has anyone ever considered that even a ‘twice told tale’ wouldn’t be tedious if they didn’t tell it for a second time?”  (Shortly thereafter he figured it was time to go back home.)



How can things “make sense,” and then “not make sense”? Or how can they almost make sense, and then suddenly not do so in some way you can’t quite grasp…ah, forget it, let’s go on to something else:  On this one world, the hot new dance going all around is the “Edna,” although the chap who invented it tells me that he’s received so much flack about the name that he hasn’t had time to actually develop the dance.



Sports Tip: As quickly as possible; find out if you can get your opponent to whine.



P.S. - Remember how they hated you in Pittsburg.