Primary or Secondary?

This one sweet little child, (he wasn’t, actually, but his mother bribed me to throw that in), asked, “Is the Revolution a Primary or Secondary activity?”  And his mother replied, “Guess that all depends on whether you’re asking from a local, or a universal view.”  (Later the lad asks, “Does even that much matter?”  “No kid, not much.”)



The youngest son seemed unable to go even a few hours without becoming entangled in heated arguments with his elder siblings, so one morning the father took the lad out behind the croquet course and delivered the following words:  “My boy, the tensions apparent inherent in many human relationship are not necessarily improved statements of your conflicting position; let me give you an example.”


Often when recalling his former self, this one person would softly murmur, “Your absence means more to me than I can say.”



I heard another father tell his “younger companion,” (his heir I presumed), “Kid, a father that wouldn’t give his son useless advice is no father of mine.”



Over in the thorny bushes in the park, a chap was stamping about, waving his arms and muttering, “Compromise, compromise, gads, how I hate that word – zounds, you despicable concept!”  And a wiener vendor passing by thought, “Wow, he’s gonna just love death.”