The Irrelevant

Once, in a time not given in your history books, two worlds went to war over their dispute regarding man.  The first said that his uniqueness was his intellect, and the other claimed that man’s singularity was in his sense of morality.  A passing comet, observing all of this on the run, mused how the second notion was simply growing pains of the first one.



Graffiti heard near a bush in the park, just after dark:

“Anarchies make little progress, but they pay no taxes.”



When pressed, this one guy would admit it…(which didn’t help much once he returned to his wrinkled state).



Just because things are irrelevant doesn’t mean they HAVE to be irrelevant.



Here’s the latest good one I heard over in the speaker’s area of the park:

“If ‘having something on your mind’ is proof that you’ve got a mind, then a dirty diaper would be voting proxy at Proctor & Gamble’s stockholders meeting.”