Local Conditions 2

All Localized descriptiosn impose Localized restrictions, and are disadvantageous to a Universal view.



(Earlier times still exist.)



The Rules of the Revolution are always changing.



In ordinary life, a man is not an operational actor in a scene until his peers and environment acknowledge and him as such.  There is no such soothing luck in the Revolution; there are no titles, no established positions, or ranks.  And not only does your ordinary environment not know there is a revolution under way, they certainly do not recognize you as a participant.  (If you wanna’ get right downright down, dirty and gritty, you could surmise that the way to tell if you’re a real, real, REAL Revolutionist, is that no one, (outside of camp), knows you are one, but you…and of course, that no one knows you know but you.)



All achievements are dead.