One Last Chance

You only have one "last chance,” and the cute thing about it is that it’s never the one you think it is.



Any poet given to opening lines such as, “Oh Death!”, “Oh Fame!”, “Oh Heartache!”, or “Oh anything!”, is not a good credit risk.



May we not enjoy the pleasure of my quoting of another of the road-side-philosophers I often encounter – one of them last week noted, “The benefits of a bad memory are far too numerous to note even could I recall them.”



Even the personally discovered “truth,” that is astounding, eventually becomes tiresome – that is, if you know what you’re doing.



Everything predicted in the City has ALREADY come true.



In another galaxy on a mid-sized world with certain specific, literate – ergo, intellectual interests, it has become decreed that, “All antonyms will be believed to rhyme with the words they are opposite to in meaning.”  (To say that the latent applications of this is prodigious is simply to interfere with saying it sis SUPER prodigious.)