Brain Flag at Half Mast

This one debate regarding language went as follows:
The first speaker said, “Words are the signposts to the truth.” 
The next one declared, “Words are to mitigate suffering.”
And the third debater declaimed, “Words are to qualify experience.”
And as the audience was leaving, I overheard one fellow mutter, “No matter what else may have been accomplished, I wonder if any of them realize that words ARE an experience?”


Advice one area gave to another: “If you pretend you know what you’re doing, other parts will pretend that they support you.”


This one little chap inquired of his older, fatherly-type chap, “Could you be part of the Real Revolution and not know it?”  And the father-chap replied, “At least ‘tis neat that a few questions have absolute answers, eh whaty…eh whaty?”


On this one other planet, last year during their annual “Public Cerebral Confessional Day,” (known in some parts as “Admittin’ Time”), one participant spoke as follows:  “I cannot deny, ‘tis with the worst of friends, in the worst of inns, my days thusly passed, and always with my brain-flag waving at half mast.”  And the crowd responded with a solid round of, “Boo, Hiss and Boo some more!” to which he replied, “Hah!  It was persons like you that made me resort to poetry in the first place.”


True intelligence is not much harmed by education…sometimes…in some placers…under certain conditions…