So, Here We Are Again, Anew

As you hear and consider my latest series of communiqués, I remind you that just because something makes you laugh does not mean that it’s a joke.  Even my stories and comments that seem most immediately humorous and obvious have another intent, and do offer normally unused measurements regarding the height, width, depth, and times of Life.


Some of my notes could be 4-D satires on Man’s apparently correct beliefs, while others might be involuted parodies on the seeming incorrect.  I may directly speak for ordinary Man and express His accepted “truth,” then again I might offer up the same fare in a manner both inside-out, and outside-in.  All in all, I may reveal the silliness of the obvious, and then again, expose the transparency of the silly.

So, even though you may receive pleasure on the aural surface of my comments, remember such acts as hiding poison in the rats’ cheese, and stuffing vitamins in the dogs’ yummy treats.

 There are some things you would probably never have heard were it not for the felicitous availability of me as a right-angle-mouthpiece.

                                                       So, here we are again, anew.