Selective Memory

It is a case of “mis-speak” for Men to decry “short cuts,” when what is actually referred to is imperfect short-cuts, for no one, including Life itself, can fault real efficiency.  Life LOVES efficiency…Life fully embraces all increases in efficiency…well, it does most of the time…well, okay, some of the time…



Which of the two following alternatives should be the rule of etiquette, for a really civilized Man: “Never kick a cripple in is bad leg,” or, “Never kick a cripple in his good one.”  Wait just a second, think about it once more.  Think about it as though you are the kicker AND the cripple.



Under certain conditions, it would not be totally unthinkable to hear a Revolutionist shout out, “Hell, I’d rather do without than be moderate.”  Being merely moderate, at times, can be like being “nearly close.”



Even if the train has left, or was even late beforehand, rely on this: A Real Revolutionist remembers ONLY that which serves his purpose.



The past is a terrible thing to use.