Molecules that Talk

From his view atop a bar stool in the City, a stone cutter can scoff at the proclaimed significance of art and literature, and deny any pertinence thereof to his own life, and yet, without the esoteric odes, and the abstract musing of the distant poets and painters, the mason’s beer would not be so rich, his perch so stable, nor the bar top so smooth.  (I could ask you again, “Is that weird, or what?”  But what’s so strange about the skeleton of Life?)



If you only rely on a form, then almost any form of justice may be less than correct.  If you merely treat people as they may obviously seem to deserve, you may be doing less than a Real Revolutionist should.



Man:  The Creature with molecules that make noise…molecules that talk!



Truism Update #34:  Genius is one percent perspiration, and ninety-nine percent everything else.



In the City, I’ve heard painting denounced as being merely “decorative.” Well, if it’s not serving the purpose of covering a hole in the wall, what do City folks think is the alternative?