Beware the Vapor Lock of the Mind

Beware, the vapor lock of the mind.



If you insist on being merely human, with its ordinary program of choices, then you must accept that fleas-biting-your-knees, and pigs-rushing-to-slop also have their own personal agenda.



A City Philosopher was once out-a-musing, “Ah, the temporary, and unsatisfying nature of force.  You may subdue a people today, but you later must subdue them again.  And later still, subdue them you might, but conquer them, never.  Ah, alas.”  An old Major passing by thought, “Alas, my khaki knickers, what do these civilians want from life?  At least the muther-fuckers would be subdued.”



One amateur City thinker said, after a heady bout with certain “problems,”  “My brain feels like it was rode hard, and put up wet.”



Even with as much leeway as I try and give ‘em in the City, can you believe there are still those who want to raise a stink about famous people “lying” in their autobiographies?  Can you believe that?