The Rules of the Game Are the Game

In all of the mortal City-States, they are divided into the pushers and the pushed; the takers and the taken, the cons and the suckers, and they are, one and all, the work-a-day products of Life.  And I ask you:  Is it possible to ascertain which of these binary groupings the manufacturer favors?  And not only “can you tell,” but do you really want to know?



Everybody LOVES grandma after the fire; oh yeah, it was EVERYone’s favorite couch; and, “My late husband was a great American.”  (Did you get it…well, did you?)



At certain unpredictable times, some people in the City momentarily feel as though they’re better than they are.  A rather harmless, passing anomaly, I suppose.



The well done sailor’s only task
is to nail the coffin to the mast.