Mental Workbook

The stance of the mystical warrior is neither positive, nor negative, but someplace in between.



Everyone talks to themselves, but only a few ever learn from it.



(For long do most believe things

                 more complex than they actually are.)



A man reached the place where he stopped and pondered, "Is 'The Secret' something you discover through mystical effort, or is it the discovery of the proper effort?"




 (For long are men unclear that

the effort is the aim.)



  Do note: The original mind can be educated, but not enlightened.


 For those of you who do still prefer your descriptions occult and mysterious, perhaps the most telling of all possible verbal comparisons is to call man's ordinary state of mental awareness Local consciousness, and the achieved consciousness Universal....(But even as "otherworldly" as this may sound, the reality of it still quite Earthy and everyday.)


The mystical warrior has no home, no nationality, and is stateless, except for the one true one.