Universal and Local Conditions - Part 2

Even whilst the price of understanding remains beyond the grasp of most, stupidity continues to be a penny a ton…Local conditions told one guy, "Hey, life knows what it's doing!"  And life suddenly walked up and added, "Yeah!"



One man thought, "This stuff continues to be so confusing that I can barely tolerate it." And just out of his hearing the future chuckled and thought, "Yeah, but when you finally realize how simple it is you'll likely wish you were back to thinking how confusing it is."




Would-be mystics still of simpleminded persuasion always believe that Istanbul is some way off: maybe pretty far...or maybe not, but certainly of some distance....If you're waiting for a punch line to this, you're one of the ones still waiting for a train to take you to that mythical city.





Though the ordinary believe that things should be different, here are the facts:

first is the obvious fact that no one sees,

(which is that) everyone is just as they must be;

and secondly, the fact that a few can be otherwise.