Up to Speed

How can a City-ite know they’re finally “up to speed”?  When they begin to fault the present, fear the future, and adore the past.



Heard one pointy nosed City dude claim that life had “trashed his mind,” but I don’t really think his little room was ever all that neat to begin with.  (Don’t keep calling room service if they’re gonna keep sending up that chemical engineer who’s deaf and dumb.  I can get overheated and blow up all by myself.)



Without real, sincere flattery, the verbal hierarchy of the City would be in peril.



A certain City General, in addressing a crowd, once stated, “A State should have no habitual hatred, or habitual fondness for any other State, for such animosity, or affection, can lead one to act against one’s own best political interests.”  And a chap standing over by a fig newton tree thought to his ole’ self, “Hey, he should have been one of them mind doctors.”  And the General thought, “No, the battlefields would be much too small.”



When animal elections end, tyranny begins.  Oh, I’m sorry that should be, “ANNUAL elections”…no, I was right the first time.