Universal and Local Dimensions - Part 1

 A boy once asked his father, "Might the difference between the ordinary and those-who-know-The-Secret be that, while one of them sees life as it is, the other one sees it turned inside out?" "What a damn fool question," he replied.





There are universal dimensions and local dimensions: universal dimensions are where we live, and local dimensions are where we believe we live. To function, the mind must always affix a point.







There was once a band of seekers who had a song they would sing, entitled:

"Oh, Consciousness Went A 'Roaming And, After It, Followed Man."

They sang this song only until they finally realized what it was saying, after that, they were silent on the matter.





Mental Health Tip: The "surefire method" for staying sick is to believe that it is events that make men sick.


(What might be of collateral interest is in how being a trained professional saves you from having to admit that you "believe in" anything when confronted with such an accusation, you merely point to your diploma.)