New Excusions of the Universe

What I offer are new excursions of the universe; not the mere external one, but the important one, the fun one, the universe of the consciousness.



Why is it that in City literature, villains can be allowed no redeeming qualities?  Is it that ordinary consciousness cannot tolerate or comprehend C and D in too close proximity?



And for those suffering from acute cockiness, and insufferable perkiness, I have it on pretty good authority that the likes of you will have to continue your daily exercises even after you’re dead.  Ghastly, eh what?  Oh, and if that don’t make-your-day, or eternity, as it were, then there is an extra; you must write your authorized biography, and then read, and re-read it ad infinitum.  Speaking of Ghastly times.



Obviously relieved, I heard a City cosmopolitanite say of a recent dinner companion, “Well, at least he was all style, thank god, and no substance.”



A Revolutionist, in regards to his portion of necessary City existence, might live in E, plan in C, and protect himself in D.  First Variation Thereon, Koechel Listing #20:  In a “Fictitious-Revolutionist-City,” he in charge might have his Philosophers residing in C; his tutu-attired Generals quartered in D, and all of his supporters, opponents, priests, politicians and everyone else housed in mobile E units.