What it Means

Do you know about that certain rotund ruler who considered himself somewhat of a “thinker” and scholar, who once announced, “We will hold no opinion before it’s time.”



Remember as you “walk through the valley of Babylon,” and as you “pound the pavements of the Wall Street Philistines,” that goods are to service,s as nouns are to verbs.  (Tell the Rockefellers to “Get Real,” and the melons to “Ripen Up.”)



Again, an example of Man “almost getting’ it”:

Whereas, in routine anthropomorphic views, men are wont to see “Life in non-mortal entities,” they should be looking at it the other way around.



To a Revolutionist, NOTHING means simply “what it means.”



There is never enough data/energy present in any situation, or combination of just C-&-D, to facilitate any change.