The Unbelievable Dumbness

I will admit to you that there are some in the City who are absolutely, almost positively, convinced that “Something will happen.”



I heard one City religion make mention of their notion of the “unforgivable sin,” which they described as, “a man believing he is better than his fellow Man, and smarter than his gods,” but I’ll be more inclined to call that the “unbelievable dumbness.”  (We need to at least TRY and keep some terminology straight.)



City People will remember, mark, and congregate about an area where they experienced some calamity, or life threatening event, often erecting monuments thereto, while a Revolutionist invariably chooses to dis-recall where such events attended him. Men ARE created with the need to “lean on something,” but the Revolutionist will ultimately settle for no such structure other than himself.



Listen, if you’re gonna keep whining, you might as well save your rent money, and go ahead and BUY that place in the City.