Your Real Name

Although some routine habits may not be the Revolutionist’s main concern, he should still try and abstain from suicide and stupidity.  (Oh yeah, and he shouldn’t make up his face, or mind, with goofy dust.)



Never use your real name when doing anything real.



Last Dry-day, I heard this cry in the City, “Why lower our pride?  Let us simply decrease our expectations.”  Such philosophical insight is enough to put the lead back in Pythagoras’ pencil, and make Euripides fix-i-dees.



Only ordinary people discuss their so-called “moral decisions and actions,” so as to apparently remind Life what it is doing.  A Real Revolutionist refuses to do so, and this aids Life even more.



Give no heed to any philosopher, no matter how famous or fat, who is MORE depressed than you are, or you’re in for a long day’s journey into shit.