On the Defense

In the City I recently read the following, “No proof is more striking of modern Man’s decline than his disbelief in ‘Great Men.’”  As is often the case with my cosmopolitan experiences, I couldn’t decide whether to laugh, cry, or have a bowl of prunes.  I later happened upon this relevant quote: “The true history of the world is the history of Great Men.”  What history books are they reading in town?  And no wonder the People have such a generally low opinion of “Great Men.”



Without any doubt, one of the most penetrating aspects of the Revolutionist consciousness is in knowing that what everyone else believes is not correct, AND, neither is its opposite.  THIS, not dust-and-flowers, should go down in the grave with you.



How defensive you are reveals how conscious you are.



More of the curious nature-and-justice-of-it-all: Man can be “unhappy” only because of his potential not to be.



Anyone who’s going to “regret the past,” shouldn’t even bother with today.



A Revolutionist is a dead Man in reverse.