Rainbow Salad

If you don’t care how high some things may be, or how wide some things are, or how deep other stuff may go, Life then becomes an overlapping, deliciously complex symphony of Prince, Pavarotti, Picasso and rainbow salads.



Even though he might not be so delicate himself, the Real Revolutionist would usually treat others as though they were.



Religions are armies without guns.



For City folks: If it SEEMS too hard, it IS too hard.



Another example of how energy will be moved, in spite of what mortal difficulties may appear impending; a woman with a cake in her hands approaches some people engaged in moving and proclaims her “welcome” to her new neighbors, who retort that they have been her neighbors for the last four years, and are not moving in, but moving out.  “Well,” sez she, thrusting the cake still towards them, “Bon voyage, we’re sure gonna miss you.”