Weekend Edition

One man says he now likes to refer to his normal thinking activities as "taylor made" for two reasons, he says: one is that his name is not Taylor, and the other is that as far as he can tell he has almost nothing to do with the production of the thoughts that occupy his mind.





A man who publicly addressed matters such as this, was one day approached by someone who'd heard him speak, who said to him: "It seems strange to hear someone talk about the mystical without bringing in the subject of God and the spiritual."

And the man nodded with a certain facial gesture indicating he understood what was said.





A man wrote to the "I'll-Bet-You're-The-Kind-Of-Doctor-Who'll-Level-With-Me" Doctor

and asked:"Is anything you say about a higher condition of awareness a lie?"

     And indeed the doctor did level with him by not replying...for all the good it did. But "what the hey" -- lighten up, it's only mortal mental stuff we're dealin' with here.






     Spurred apparently by another chap's comment regarding neural activity and The Top Ten, another music fan offers his spin on it.  He says that most people's normal thinking activity is "repetition brought to the point of popularity."






A man wrote to The Blazing Eyebrows Doctor and rhetorically inquired:

     "What is more popular in the life of man than redundancy?"

      And the doctor replied:

One man declared: "The mind plays a good 'captain-of-the-ship' game, but let's see the son of a bitch grab a paddle and row for a while."It might be noted in life that the mind doesn't really seem to object very much to hotheaded outbursts directed to it -- I mean, like, who's the granddaddy Grandmaster of such things?”