This Day

Those who blithely believe that Man’s culture is his one possible salvation have obviously never played Chopin with a bloody nose.



What do you make of this graffiti I saw written on the bullpen wall of a Yellow-Circuit/Blue-Circuit Gladiator’s arena; it first read, “Only those who KNOW they’re strong are strong,” and someone had drawn a line through and written their version, “Only the strong KNOW they are strong.”  What do you think?



Men only measure what they see, AND only see what they can measure.  What could be fairer?  What would be more confining?



At times when forced to muse on the general level of intelligence of City life, I sometimes recall the large headed lad of a prominent banking family that had to be taught how to fart.



In the Bushes, even jackals and philistines have their day…it’s just not THIS day…ever.