Could a Real Revolutionist use the idea of having a house that seemed almost “un-lived in” internally?  Could he almost leave no trace OF himself IN himself?



The common characteristic of all things that dimensionally exist is that they HAVE characteristics.  And from a certain, more spatial view, a Revolutionist strives to be a thing with no characteristics.



The smart and properly primed health consumer, should pay no heed to ads for proclaimed “anal transplants.”  (My god, even in the CITY enough should almost be enough.)



Birds may
look down,
but they never
look back.



I have read some City thoughts that proclaim that Men should use this life NOT to merely “drift,” not to stay safely at “anchor,” but to “sail,” to continually “sail to one’s ultimate port,” which is noteworthy so far as it goes, but it fails to take into account the unnerving fact that those certain breezes also cause the ports themselves to shift and change.