The Ease-Up Song - Holiday Edition

Although I can see how it can disturb and frighten them in the City, the truth is, dead may well be a step UP for many.



Okay, so I haven’t mentioned anything recently about the always present?



Maybe I shouldn’t tell you some of this stuff, but what the hell: 

One Revolutionist used to have this personal “theme song” which He would make his enlistees “sing” as they marched along.  It went, “You gotta ease on up, and then you bear back down.  And then you ease back up, and then you bear back down.  Then you ease on up, and then you”…well, you kinda “get the picture.”  Oh yeah, those that began to understand what the song meant claimed it kept their feet out of pain, and the sweat out of their brain.



The Past is where ALL dancers step on your toes.



One guy in the heart of, or at least the pancreas of the City said, “If you ain’t got no imagination about sex, you either got no imagination.”